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Rein Drost Machinehandel starts auctioning with Retrade.

But who is Retrade?


Retrade is an online auction for used equipment, machines, vehicles and other surplus materials:

- Used by the largest private and public companies in the Scandinavian and Baltic region and the rest of the world for the sale of surplus materials.
- Is recognized by buyers from all over the world

Why is Retrade safe and profitable for both buyer and seller?

Because Retrade has professional customer service and specialist expertise:

- International customer service - the experienced staff are available to both buyer and seller.
- Government-approved system - the safest and most stable auction system on the market
- Security - all payments are made via Lindorff

Because Retrade has a unique experience and history:

- 100,000 completed auctions, sold to 100 countries worldwide
- More than 82,000 buyers are authorized to trade

Because Retrade is national, Scandinavian and international:

- Has local knowledge in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic States - adapted to local laws and regulations.
- Has a Scandinavian presence and aunique understanding of the market.
- integrates its international profile buyers from all over the world

Because Retrade is part of Asset-Front:

- Market-leading surplus management system
- Complete asset management with additional services
- Provides vendors with 100% visibility and control over the sales process
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Retrade is based on pilot projects from 1997 up to and including the opening at the end of 2006. The project initially consisted of people from only the largest companies in the construction, industry and public sector, including Mesta, Cramo and the military. From the outset, Retrade has held more than 50,000 auctions in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries and is now spreading across Europe.

All rights to Retrade solutions belong to Integrated Cooperative Solutions AS. Under the umbrella of Integrated Cooperative Solutions, Retrade is also part of Asset Front, the market-leading Surplus Management System.

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