Machinerey business Rein Drost

Reindrostmachinehandel is a young company specialized  in machinery for greening and golf course maintenance. By means of a consistent  innovative conduct, wherein development and market approach on a efficient and contemporary manner the base is of our company. By this way of thinking we have grown up to a progressive company both in and outside the Benelux.


Our company is split in two divisions: Reindrostmachinehandel  for purchase and selling of machinery for greening and recycling and RDM Parts BV for selling machine parts. Beside the purchase and selling of new machines is Reindrostmachinehandel also able to deliver from a big stock of occasions. Reindrostmachinehandel is also able to rent out machines for greening and golf course maintenance. Reindrostmachinehandel gives their customers also the possibility to lease a machine and help the customer with maintenance. you can make an appointment with Reindrostmachinehandel if you’re considering to do business with them and they will analyze your machine park and calculate a realistic, fair price for it without any quality concessions. And that all for free.