The BAF trailers have been developed by and for the professionals.

Designed for strength, functionality and longevity, these trailers provide a robust and versatile system solution for industries where continuous use is required.


  • Heavy-duty suspension is standard across the steel range of trailers, improving tracking behavior and trailer suspension is taken to a new level. 
  • The steel subframe of the trailers is completely hot-dip galvanized for a longer lifespan. 
  • Wear-resistant tires, heavy-duty leaf suspension, beam axles and LED lighting ensure superior build quality, sturdiness, long lifespan and excellent tracking behavior.
  • The standard versions contain many popular features and are supplemented with a range of optional extras if more customization is desired. 
  • The trailers are available in 2 types; aluminum and steel. 
  • A top product that, in combination with BAF customer service, guarantees reliability.

Heavy-duty suspension system

Improved trailer following behavior


Standard with every trailer


Standard with every trailer

Designed by and for the professional.

The BAF machine trailer has been developed to make the work of professionals even easier. Due to the placement of the wheels, it takes up less space on the road compared to a machine trailer of the same size. In addition, loading and unloading machines of various sizes is even easier thanks to the strong ramp. The removable hatches and the bulkhead hatch that can be folded open provide a large loading area! And finally the most unique thing about these trailers, the flap lock and stanchion lock are in one.



The aluminum trailers

Various sizes and models for shovels and aerial work platforms. 

Available with bucket support. 

Mechanical brakes.

Height-adjustable drawbar.

Simple and reliable

The aluminum trailers are very suitable for the transport of shovels, aerial work platforms, mini diggers, etc. A bucket support is standard on various models. The trailers have a gross weight of 3500 kg, LED lighting and 185 tires.

Multifunctional trailers

The BAF machine trailer is multifunctional, it has a low loading angle for machines with low ground clearance, a seamless transition from ramp to loading floor of the trailer, removable hatches ensure easy loading and unloading. In addition, there are integrated retractable tie-down hooks and a spare wheel as standard.



Weight: within the same category and dimensions, an aluminum trailer allows a weight increase of at least 300 kg, increasing the customer's loading capacity. 

Robustness: the alloys used and the specifically designed profiles make it possible to achieve the same strength as a steel structure, without adding weight. 

Durability: No corrosion and rust problems, a common problem with trailers that are usually exposed to weather and road or sea salt.