how it all started


In 1910, Sokichi Hayashi Kyoeisha, a company focused on the production of two angular straw mats for silk growers in the Toyokawa area in Japan, was founded. In 1918 he reorganized his business in Kyoeisha Co, Ltd, and became the first director. Mr. Hayashi developed a man-driven threshing machine in 1922, which was widely exported to Korea, China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. In 1930 he developed a rope production machine. Sokichi died in 1945 at the age of 77.


Kaichi Hayashi inherited Kyoeisha Co, Ltd in 1945 and became director second generation. Kaichi, a smart inventor and designer, started producing machines for the rice and vegetable industry. In 1956, the factory was appointed as a Japanese industrial standard UIS plant for the development of machine-powered threshing machines. Kyoeisha developed its first lawnmower in 1959 and entered the turf industry. During the development of the lawnmower, Mr Hayashi was a pioneer in the process of strengthening mowers, a process that is still applied today. In 1960 Kyoeisha Co. Ltd. designed its 50th anniversary in the following ten years kyoeisha designed several lawnmowers and started production with the following three lines: the GM. HM and the Trencher series. Kyoeisha became nationally known as a maintenance company for peat maintenance. In 1978 the first Baroness 5-wheel hydraulic tractor mower was released. The lawnmower helped the  Baroness brand to become very popular at golf courses in Japan.



sales offices were opened all over Japan. Progress has been made in a full range of highly specialised grass maintenance equipment, which has improved playing conditions worldwide. Kyoeisha's unique designs led the grass industry at the time. Kyoeisha's influence can still be seen today.