A high level of cutting quality, created from the beginning, remains the same today. Factors such as the production process, know-how and craftsmanship have been passed on from generation to generation. This has enabled Baroness to continuously produce high-quality cylinders and cutting units.

In the Japanese sword making process, there is a step called "yakiire". It is a special process to harden the steel. The production process of the Baroness cylinders also includes this "yakiire" step. “Yakiire” creates a cylinder that is hard and springy.


Success and quality for more than 100 years


The Japanese sword making process


Continuous high cutting quality

Samurai sword sharpness and excellent quality

  • Rough terrain 
  • Greens and Tees 
  • Fairways 
  • Bunkers and aeration

More than 100 years of success.

Baroness celebrates over 100 years of success and has been providing the highest quality turf maintenance equipment for over 100 years. By focusing on customer needs to produce products that benefit the consumer, the community and the environment.


Onze productlijn is omarmd door professionele inspecteurs en monteurs, niet alleen vanwege hun hoge kwaliteitsprestaties, maar ook vanwege hun gemak in onderhoud. Baroness levert toonaangevende topkwaliteit greenmaaiers, fairwaymaaiers, ruwe maaiers, bunkerharken en diverse andere apparatuur.