Green Bullith Hunter

The First Electric Quad of Dutch Origin!

Rein Drost Machinehandel's 100% electric quads are not just an alternative to gasoline quads; they represent a true leap forward in technology.

With performance that rivals traditional quads, an electric quad is a genuine game-changer. The regenerative brakes, lower center of gravity, and the cool, non-sparking motor provide safety features that are unattainable in a gasoline quad. Opting for an electric quad makes a difference: it operates in complete silence, emits no pollutants, and doesn't compromise on traction, power, or range.

In summary, choose this whisper-quiet powerhouse that performs its duties without any form of emissions.


No CO2 emissions or use of fossil fuels.


The best electric components are used.


Low noise level, minimal vibrations. Sustainable for both humans and the environment.


The 100% electric quads from Rein Drost Machinehandel are not merely an alternative to gasoline quads; they represent a leap forward in technology. Allow us to introduce our brand, Green Bullith. "Green" signifies our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions, as the quad is 100% electric with zero emissions. "Bullith" symbolizes the robust power of the quad. The Hunter model comes standard with 4WD and is equipped with top-tier electric components and a CAN-bus drivetrain control system. These quads are meticulously assembled in our workshop, offering a wide range of customizable options to create your ideal quad.



The future of quads within reach.

A powerful and proven reliable workhorse. The Japanese chassis foundation combined with Dutch electrical engineering brings together the best of both worlds.

Leading the way is our 72-volt, 14 kW motor, delivering ample power and torque at any desired speed.

The low center of gravity is a crucial safety feature.

High-quality components.

Unparalleled pulling power, regenerative braking to save energy, and emission-free operation.



Our quads are true powerhouses, eliminating the need for a traditional gearbox with low or high gears due to the robust electric motor. This function is now controlled through software using the handle lever. The quad boasts a top speed of 45 km/h. The impressive torque and towing capacity make it unparalleled in its class.


With very low sound emissions and the ability to tackle almost any terrain, rough, smooth, hard, or soft, an electric quad is ideal for a wide range of applications. It's perfect for farmers, nature organizations, water authorities, and landscaping companies. As a versatile utility vehicle, a quad has a wide range of uses. How about a quad equipped for weed control?


  • Our quads are built under the brand name Green Bullith. The Hunter model is manufactured in the Netherlands using the finest electric components. 
  • Opt for a fossil-free, CO2-neutral quad designed for adults.
  • Experience the silence and minimal disruption for both yourself and the surroundings.
  • With few moving parts, the quad is a reliable workhorse.
  • Powerful; boasting impressive torque and pulling capacity, its towing ability is unparalleled in its class.