Electric mowers are one of the most popular choices for professional use. We have 100% electric zero-turn lawn mowers. Mowing will never be the same again with a Mean Green mower. Traditional mowers are noisy, inefficient, bad for people and the environment and have high operating and maintenance costs. With a Mean Green mower you tackle all these problems and opt for a truly green and sustainable machine.


Unique: Our Mean Green mowers are the only ones in the Netherlands available with a license plate and LED lighting


No CO2 emissions or use of fossil fuels.


Sustainable for people and the environment with a long lifespan. Quick payback!


Low noise level, minimal vibrations. Sustainable for both humans and the environment.

Top quality and mowing all day long

For example, choose our Evolution EVO. This electric riding mower from Mean Green Mowers has a battery life of up to 8 hours of mowing and a cutting width of 188 cm. A true powerhouse for the largest plots.



Electric mowing with Mean Green

No CO2 emissions 

No use of fossil fuels 

Low noise level 

Low vibration 

Sustainable for people and the environment 


With license plate 


Fast payback time


Different cutting width?

Would you prefer a cutting width of 133 cm or 152 cm? Then choose the Rival from Mean Green Mowers. With a mowing speed of up to 19 km/h and a power of 37 hp, the zero turn mower Rival is suitable for heavy work. The electric mower can mow continuously for more than 7 hours.

Electric mowing

Once you mow electrically, you will never want to do anything else!

  • A completely CO2-neutral mower, without damage to the environment or driver. 
  • Trips to the gas station are a thing of the past, leaving the machine on the charger at night is sufficient. 
  • An extreme powerhouse, but whisper quiet. 
  • Just keep the blades sharp and the wheels greased; that's all!



Are you curious about the electric lawn mowers from Mean Green Mowers? We are happy to come to a location of your choice for a detailed explanation and then offer you the opportunity to test the machine in practice. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation demonstration.