Weedair 1002IB

The Weedair 1002IB hot air burner has been specially developed for the Green Bullith Electric Quad.

The WeedAir 1002IB, with a working width of 1000 mm, is an ideal weed burner to mount on the Green Bullith quad. Due to its low weight, compactness and productivity, the scorch is ideally suited for controlling weeds on paved and unpaved surfaces in public spaces. This weed burner comes into its own, especially in places where there is an increased risk of fire.

Treatment with WeedAir 1002IB kills many seeds lying on the ground, making an important contribution to reducing vegetation pressure.

Ease of use 
The WeedAir 1002IB is connected to the quad's power supply. The sear is equipped with a control panel that can be attached to the tool carrier. Here the temperature can be read and the sears and side ejects can be ignited and controlled individually electrically from the quad.

All burner heads are equipped with flame protection. If the flame goes out in a situation, the fuel supply stops and the sear switches itself off. Possible error messages are displayed per sear by the illuminated switches.

The sear is equipped with a category 1 three-point suspension as standard. The gas supply must be placed separately on the quad.




Three burner heads under the hood ensure a high combustion capacity


The all-round closed burner hood ensures minimal heat loss, which significantly reduces the risk of fire damage


Supplied with biopropane gas as standard.

There is no cure for this!

The WeedAir 1002IB has three burner heads under the burner hood for the highest possible capacity. In addition, the sear is equipped with two side outlets as standard, one on each side. This makes it easy to treat weeds along walls, obstacles and hard-to-reach places in the same pass.

The weed withering principle is based on a powerful warm air flow that is evenly distributed under the burner hood. The stainless steel burner hood is equipped with an insulation and infrared mesh package as standard. The all-round closed hood ensures minimal heat loss, which significantly reduces the risk of fire damage to the environment




Biopropane gas 

Gas cylinder frame

77 KW power 

Gas consumption main burner 3.2 kg/hour 

Equipped with ionization protection


Efficient use of gas

Efficient use of gas and a significant reduction compared to traditional containers. 
Three forward hot air burners and two side hot air burners that can be turned on and off as desired to widen the working aisle and burn more m2 per hour in one working aisle.

Ease of use

  • A special lift has been developed that can lift the bucket vertically and the weight of the bucket is also tailored to this. 
  • So there is no need for leading wheels that run on the ground and wear out. The user can also easily lift the bucket when walking on sidewalks or when driving on and off the trailer.



  • The quad can be equipped with a custom-made gas bottle frame or a tank frame. 
  • Optionally, the quad can be equipped with a hand lance for the corners where the bucket does not reach.