Yamaha UMX

The Yamaha UMX AC is designed to perform various tasks, both indoors and outdoors.

This user-friendly utility vehicle is equipped with a spacious cargo box and a generous lockable storage space at the front.

The Yamaha UMX is a fast and efficient means of transport to get various goods to their destination. Thanks to the quiet electric motor, this compact workhorse is ideal for almost any location, such as golf courses, municipalities, events, etc.

This efficient and well-thought-out utility vehicle, equipped with two separate but comfortable seats and a solid variable wheel suspension, is always available.

This model is equipped with half windscreen, roof and LED lighting as standard. The Yamaha UMX has no license plate requirement.


No CO2 emissions or use of fossil fuels.


The best electric components are used.


Low noise level, minimal vibrations. Sustainable for both humans and the environment.

Now also available with a lithium package!




Lifting device 

Lithium package


Artificial grass brush 

Front linkage


Wide tires


Gets the job done silently

  • Lightweight utility, ideal for maintenance work. 
  • Robust, stylish and compact design. 
  • Aluminum loading space, tailgate can be operated with one hand. 
  • Two separate seats with center console. 
  • Large lithium battery pack. 
  • Easy-to-open storage box with 29 liter capacity at the front. 
    Skid plate. 
  • Wide tires for comfort.
  • On and off road 
  • Strong reflective LED lighting

Smooth and flexible power

The heart is formed by a powerful lithium electric motor that is not only quieter and better for the environment, but also has a good range and is easy to connect and charge. The engine delivers smooth, flexible power that will take you anywhere, in the park, on the farm, on golf courses, etc.

Plug and work!

The two ergonomically designed individual seats and variable suspension provide a high level of driving comfort, making this quiet, smooth and comfortable light utility vehicle a real pleasure to work - and it is always ready to work hard for you, virtually silently. , day in day out.